11.30 uur Editorial Leadership
This session is designed to improve the editorial leadership of those heading up output teams either in TV, Radio or Online. It offers tools and techniques to get the best out of people by improving the way they are managed. This involves helping leaders to offer editorial clarity to their staff as well as effective feedback. Trainer Mia Costello focuses on the key skills of questioning and listening and takes a coaching approach to managing editorial teams.

14.00 uur Storytelling

Speciaal voor tv-verslaggevers

Designed for news journalists, this session encourages delegates to embrace storytelling as a way of engaging audiences in news output. It shows that what you broadcast can have more impact with the audience if you make them care and tell them a story. By deconstructing current examples of output, the session summarises the core principles of what makes a good story, and how to best to tell that story on TV. Trainer Mia Costello gives interactive exercises that allow delegates to apply what they’ve learnt in a practical situation.