10.30-17.00 uur Mojo met Glen Mulcahy en Wytse Vellinga     


News can be unpredictable and unexpected, so it happens right here, right now and you have no camera or recorder with you? You’ will have missed the biggest story of the week. Well this no longer happens to you if you use your mobile phone as your camera and recorder.

The one day workshop is designed to introduce journalists to the potential of smart-phones in a news gathering environment.

An overview with examples of how mobile journalism is currently being used by broadcasters across Europe will be followed by practical exercises on how to use a smart-phone effectively, professionally, and creatively.

Belangrijk is wel dat de deelnemers de juiste apparatuur (iphone 4s,5 of 6) met zich meebrengen en dat ze een aantal specifieke apps daarop installeren opdat ze het maximale uit de cursus kunnen halen. De specificaties hiervan zijn in een aparte bijlage toegevoegd.