10.00 – 17.00 uur: Digital Storytelling
On Thursday the 23rd of March Albertine Piels (Founder Hackastory) offers a one day workshop: Digital Storytelling. The participants will leave the workshop with a full understanding of digital storytelling. They explore the new opportunities created by digital technology and how to use them to tell online stories. They don’t just leave with a stack of notes. We believe in learning by doing. Through this experience skills for web based storytelling will grow, confidence will increase and a new practice to be future proof in media and journalism will be created. Let’s make one thing clear: the story will always be the most important part, not its technical bells and whistles.
WORKSHOP (1 DAY) The fundamentals of good digital storytelling; Why and how journalism in the digital age is different; Inspiration and case studies.
Afternoon: Making the story: BYO story, transform an existing article; Showcase your project; Feedback and Q&A.
Voor deze training zijn ook collega’s van Europese regionale omroepen uitgenodigd. De voertaal is Engels. Deelnemers wordt gevraagd om hun laptop mee te nemen.